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Los Roques Venezuela, Bonefishing, diving and more


Historical-geographical Description

Los Roques

Gran Roques

The island of Gran Roques (large Roques) is the only one where people live year-round. The rest of the islands in fact are part of a natural park and are uninhabited or inhabited only by fisherman a few months of the year.

The island is characterized by a village in which tourism and the lives of local fishermen mix thus creating a magical atmosphere that only after having been here you can say you know.

The presence of colored inns and fishermen’s houses, the closeness of tourists to the locals’daily life and the beauty of the place make this, infact, the last paradise of the Caribbean where globalization and large hotel chains have not yet arrived.

All tourist lodgings are located on the island and they offer all services to make a your vacation as safe and comfortable as possible, naturally taking into account that we are on an archipelago...

There is a bank with ATM, a doctor’s office, offices of the National Guard and Coast Guard, pharmacy, port and airport without counting the various small, typical stores, food stores, restaurants and bars on the beach.

Los Roques

Other Island in Los Roques

The archipelago is composed of about fifty islands of which most are totally protected and therefore cannot be visited without permission of park authorities.

Ten islands can be visited during daily excursions, according to the distance, the boat trip varies from ten minutes for closeby Francisqui and Madrisqui islets to and hour and a half to the island of Cajo de Agua.  Noronqui, Espenqui, Krasqui etc. are also available destinations either by excursions to a specific island or by daily tours including visits to more than one island.

Los Roques

Useful Information

The most important thing is to not forget that we are in the Caribbean and that bright coral beaches are beautiful, but can also be painful if we are not properly prepared with necessary precautions. Sunblock is essential especially for the first days and protection over 30 is advised due to the intensity of the sun.

Being close to the equator, the climate is similar throughout the year. The difference between the dry and wet seasons is mitigated by the sea and the temperatures are more or less constant year long between 27 and 34 degrees Celsius (79 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit) with the period from October-June characterized by the presence of (alisei) that refresh and offer a great attraction for wind sports such as wind and kite surfing.
 The currency in use in Venezuela is the Bolivar and the official exchange rate is $1.00 = 2.150 Bolivars.

Los Roques

Connections (Flights)

As mentioned, the archipelago is reached by air with daily flights from Caracas and Margarita Island with departures respectively from the domestic airport of Caracas “Maquetia” and from the airport of “Polamar” on Margarita Island.

Los Roques


Los Roques is a favored destiny to get pleasure from several sport and relaxing activities, some of the allowed ones are diving, Bonefishing, Scuba diving, Sport fishing, Kitesurf, Snorkeling and ecological excursions.

Los Roques
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