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Our services in posada Los Roques


Albacora, among all the inns of Los Roques, is one of the most representative of the concept of “guesthouse” -  personalizing services while maintaining a family style atmosphere.
Also as a luxury level lodging, the service at that level contributes to improve the quality of your vacation.

Los Roques

At Caracas to Los Roques

With the aim of “pampering you” for your whole vacation, beginning in Caracas you will be met by our trusted staff who will assist you with transfer and overnight in a hotel if necessary.  While making your reservations, together we will choose a hotel and airline company to fly to Los Roques.  No restrictions will imposed by us.
Los Roques

The Flight

We can reserve a flight for you to and from Los Roques either from Caracas, from Margarita Island or any other Venezuelan city.  Since we have good relations with all airline companies, the choice of company and price will be made according to your preferences without any business limitations/requirements from our part.
Los Roques

La Cuicine

For our clients we have chosen a simple and genuine cuisine with the goal of showcasing the quality and freshness of local products prepared in the best of Italian styles.Breakfast is served in the terrace beginning at 8:00am, without any limitations as to time. In addition to an Italian breakfast (coffee, milk, jam and bread), we offer home made sweets,

eggs, natural fruit juices, fresh fruits and some typical Venezuelan surprises at the chef’s discretion.

Lunch is served in a Guesthouse lunch box cooler in order to not interrupt your stay at the beach. The meal includes a main dish such as rice salad, cold pasta, sandwich, frittata, etc. as well as non-alcoholic drinks, fruit and snacks.

Dinner, served in the terrace at separate tables, includes antipasto, a main dish, dessert, coffee, non alcoholic drinks, and a choice of beer or a glass of wine.

During your stay the menu varies from fish, meat, pasta, rice, chicken, carpaccios, (cartocci e chi piu’ ne ha ne metta).  Deciding together with you, day by day, without any limit to your desires and tastes.  Vegetarians and carnivores are obviously both welcome!

Los Roques

The Beach in Los Roques

Our beach service consists of supplying you a cooler lunch box every day, towels, beach umbrellas and chairs.  We organize for you various excursions to the islands which are included in the package you purchased, completely independently from other tourists in the same posada.

Since the Inn does not have its own boat, you are able to make your vacation the way you want with complete discretion in the choice of various daily excursions without any obligations – for example on a certain day a guesthouse’s boat only goes to a specific island. ..
We will decide together your vacation program according to your needs and desires.

We are also able to organize for you all the activities that the archipelago offers: marlin fishing, scuba diving, sky and wind surf, a day boating with local fisherman, catamaran excursions, etc. etc.
Naturally all these options are part of our perspective of “what you want when you want it.” You can practice Bonefishing, Scuba diving, Sport fishing, Kitesurf, Snorkeling

Los Roques
Los Roques
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